Custom neon lights for every occasion and space

Illuminate your environment with our custom LED neon lights, available in modern, vintage and unique designs. Our neon lights, mounted on an elegant Plexiglas base, are perfect for a variety of professional and personal spaces, offering an attractive combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Why choose our LED neon lights on Plexiglas?

  • Outstanding visual impact: Our LED neon signs attract attention day and night, amplifying the visibility of your message or brand.
  • Full customization: Select from a wide range of colors, sizes and styles to create a unique neon sign that reflects your identity or enhances your space.
  • Durability and energy savings: LEDs offer long life and low energy consumption, making our neon signs both an economical and ecological choice.
  • Quality and aesthetics of Plexiglas: The Plexiglas base adds a touch of finesse, enhancing the visual impact of your neon light.
  • Simple installation and maintenance: Enjoy easy installation and minimal maintenance for peace of mind.

Diverse applications for every need

  • Shops and professional spaces: Our neon lights are ideal for hair salons, tattoo parlors and all types of business, providing distinctive lighting that enhances your space.
  • Trendy interior design: Add a touch of style to your kitchen, nursery, living room or lobby with a customized neon wall light.
  • Unique ambience for events: Whether it's for a wedding or other celebration, our custom neon lights will create a memorable atmosphere.

Start your customized neon project

Explore our LED neon collection on our website and start creating your own design. For specialist advice or a quotation, contact our team. Our custom neon lights, including affordable cheap neon options, are ready to turn your idea into a luminous reality.

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