Multi-zone LED dimmer for neon signs
  • Multi-zone LED dimmer for neon signs

Multi-zone LED dimmer for neon signs

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Control one or more neon signs with a single remote control, thanks to this multi-zone dimmer from the Mi-Boxer range.


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Mi-Boxer multi-zone dimmer LED controller for neon LED signs

This dimmer/dimmer controller lets you manage the brightness,switching on andoff of your single-color LED sign operating in 12V or 24VDC. Part of the Mi-Boxer range, it opens the door to multi-zone and multi-product management.

👉 What are the technical features of this Mi-Boxer controller?

The Mi-Boxer can be combined with either the 4-zone remote control or the battery-powered round remote control. The latter operates in 2.4Ghz, so there's no need to aim your controller to control it. The signal has an open-field range of 30m and passes through walls.

Input connector :

This controller is powered by either 12V or 24VDC, depending on the operating voltage of the LED product to be controlled. It features dual input connections. Screw terminal block (two pins for + and -) and female jack connector. Quick and easy.

Output connections:

Two outputs with screw terminals (+ and -). So you can connect two single-color LED signs (for example) or just one. It all depends on your needs and installation.

The maximum power this controller can deliver is 120W at 12VDC and 240W at 24VDC (maximum 10A output).

Beyond basic functionality, this controller opens the doors to multi-zone.

🔆 What is multizone light management?

Multizone is a function you won't be able to do without. Would you like to control the lighting in several rooms with a single remote control? With this controller, you can.

If you're using a 4-zone remote control, you'll be able to link one or more controllers to each zone. You can manage each zone individually, or all together.

A "zone" can represent a room in your home, or a specific area within a room. For example, a zone could represent the lighting of your entire kitchen, or just the worktop.

Just imagine, you come home and, with a single press of a button, you switch on all your rooms and manage their lighting. Bliss :-)

In short, you can :

  • Manage the switching on and off of your single-color LED products
  • Modify brightness
  • Link multiple controllers to a single remote control of your choice
  • Link this controller to more advanced remote controls and touch panels

🎨 What is the Mi-Boxer range?

The Mi-Boxer system is a "Lego" system. It allows you to build your lighting installation brick by brick. The brick can be a control system or a luminaire (bulb, spotlight, LED ribbon, wall washer...). The Mi-Boxer system can be upgraded over time as your needs and lighting system evolve. And all without having to modify your electrical installation. Simple, fast and efficient. You'll be able to multiply the number of control zones, pilot your entire installation via your Smartphone and even by voice via our dedicated gateway to Alexa and Google assistant. This unique, upgradeable system brings you fully into the world of home automation andenergy savings. All products in the range are made from high-quality LEDs and consume very little energy. Long life and low consumption are important factors in preserving the environment.

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Data sheet

Input connectors
Screw terminal block and 5.5/ female jack2.1mm
Output connectors
Screw terminal block
Input voltage
12-24V DC
2.4Ghz & WiFi
Control distance
Power 12V
Power 24V
Yes (last color mode)
3 years

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