Hello friends LumiPop'R, in this article we've tried to provide clear answers to all the questions you might have about making a modern or vintage LED sign. But also to guide you in your choices, so that you can bring your project to life. If you still can't find all the information you need, don't hesitate to give us a call. Our Light Coaches are here to help. If you need a quote, simply send us your details via our dedicated form. It's free and we'll get back to you within 48 hours :-) Discover below some signs based on flexible LED neon on a Plexiglas background.

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Comment fabriquer une enseigne LED ?

Our achievements

What different technologies are used to manufacture an illuminated sign ?

Illuminated signs have come a long way in recent years. Until recently, the market was dominated by blown glass tube technology. This product, with which we are all familiar, is still very much in evidence in building trimming and the manufacture of both indoor and outdoor signs. It has the advantage of being able to take almost any shape, but has the disadvantages of being fragile, containing gas and being powered by high voltage. In a world on the move, with a strong appetite for ecology and energy savings, these drawbacks have forced the emergence of other solutions that are less energy-intensive, more ecological and technically superior.

The LED has arrived in force and is supplanting blown-glass tube technology. More specifically, flexible LED neon provides exactly the same rendering without the drawbacks, and at much lower cost. Today, a LED sign can be installed in a home, a showroom, a shop or a business. Flexible LED neon has democratized signage and made it accessible to all.

What is flexible LED neon and why is it the perfect product for LED signage ?

Flexible LED neon is a luminaire that diffuses constant light along its entire length. No visible dots. It is powered by very low safety voltage, 12 volts or 24 volts DC. It consumes very little energy, from 4 to 8 watts per meter depending on the model. Its plastic casing makes it highly shock-resistant. If your installation needs to be outdoors, it's perfectly feasible - just let us know in your inquiry. Lightweight and portable, it's quick and easy to install in any situation. It's THE ideal product for designing an LED sign whether graphic, modern or vintage. In a nutshell:

  • Uniform, continuous light
  • A wide choice of colors
  • Dimmable and remote-controllable
  • No heat generation
  • Shock resistance
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Very low voltage 12 or 24 volt DC power supply
  • Very low power consumption (maximum 8 watts per meter)
  • Choice of waterproof or non-waterproof

Can I order a LED sign from you ?

And the answer is a resounding YES. We have an ever-growing clientele of individuals who want to acquire a vintage or designer interior sign. Or simply to make a different and unique gift. Illuminated signs are making a comeback, and the technology we use makes it possible for anyone to bring an LED sign into their home. As mentioned above, the sign doesn't heat up, is powered by low voltage and can therefore be installed in complete safety. As you'll discover below, the options are numerous, and the results are impressive.

All our signs are custom-made according to customer requirements. We have no stock of pre-fabricated signs (Love, Happy...). So you can ask us anything you can think of, and we'll do our best to meet your requirements, if technically feasible :-)

Is there a minimum order ?

This time the answer is NO. There is no minimum order. We believe that everyone should have access to this type of technology. Everything is made to order according to your wishes. So your LED sign will be unique and in your image. Want just one sign? You're welcome :-)

What if I need mass production ?

We regularly work for groups during sales or end-of-year events. They need a reliable product that's easy to install in-store. The staff have no specific training, so the product has to be Plug & Play. And we regularly receive orders for series of several hundred units. It's part of our day-to-day business to manage this type of small- or large-scale production. So don't hesitate to contact us if you have a series of neon LED signs to produce.

Enseigne LED pour les Soldes

What are the lead times ?

Lead times will depend on the complexity of your LED sign, but also on the quantity ordered. As mentioned above, everything is made to order. Generally speaking, it takes around ten days once the design has been validated. If you decide to work with us, we'll be able to fine-tune your quotation. Which we hope you will :-)

Is there a maximum size per sign ?

Yes and no. The material used for manufacturing is Plexiglas. In order to keep the structure rigid, we generally don't exceed 1.50 or 1.80 m in length. That's not to say we can't go further. We frequently manufacture LED signs of 3m or more, but in several parts. Once assembled, they are totally invisible. In reality, there's no limit. The final sign will simply be in several parts. And don't worry about the electrical connections: we use transparent wires that you simply plug together to power the different parts of your sign. Ultra-simple and fast.

Below are two examples, the first a three-part sign (# + Girls + Can) and the second a two-part sign (Faites com + me chez vous). The second sign is over 1m80 long and has been cut in the middle of the word "Comme". Visually, it's almost invisible. Don't be fooled by the colors and position. These signs were just posed for the photo and the actual rendering of colors is very difficult. In reality, the first is a superb red (yes, believe us :-) and the second a perfect pink.

Enseigne LED rouge en trois partiesEnseigne néon LED flexible rose en deux parties

Can an LED sign contain visuals or drawings ?

The answer is YES, as you can see from the LED signs below. There are technical limits, of course, but beyond the text we're perfectly capable of producing geometric shapes, drawings or any other design or vintage form. For example, for those who remember, we've produced a number of "Alinéa" signs (see below). There's no text, just a drawing, and as you'll see, the angles, cuts and curves are very precise, allowing you to let your creativity run wild.

Enseigne néon LED Design graphiqueEst-ce qu'une enseigne LED peut contenir des visuels ?

Is it possible to have a print on the support in addition to the luminous part ?

Yes, it's perfectly feasible. It's possible to print on Plexiglas using UV printing. So you can have your logo or visual printed and only the outline of your illuminated sign.

If my sign is all text, what do you need ?

It's very simple: just write us the text you want and give us the name of the font/typeface you'd like to use. With these elements (plus those in the quote request form) we'll make a simulation and submit it to you. This will also enable us to fine-tune the size of the sign. Below is an example of a text sign simulation and the final design.

Simulation enseigne LED texteRéalisation d'une enseigne LED avec du texte

If my LED sign is graphic, what do you need ?

In the case of an illustrated sign, we absolutely need a good quality file. The ideal is, of course, a vectorized file. But we can also work from a high-quality image. This is very important, as the rendering of the sign depends on it. If your visual or image is of poor quality, it will be very difficult to obtain a realistic simulation. Below is an example of a graphic sign simulation and the final result.

Simulation d'une enseigne LED avec un dessin ou un graphismeRéaliser une enseigne LED à partir d'un dessin c'est possible

What are the different surfaces available for my LED sign ?

The material used is Plexiglas. To customize your sign down to the smallest detail, you can choose from 3 colors + transparent:

  • Black
  • White
  • Transparent
  • Mirror

How can I cut my neon sign ?

You can choose between 3 cutting modes to customize your LED sign as much as possible: solid background, die-cut background and letter-cut background. We'll explain just what these are. This choice really depends on the style you want to give your neon LED sign.

Solid bottom cut-out : It's very simple: the Plexiglas support is cut into a square or rectangle shape, and the flexible neon LED is attached to it. A bit like a picture frame. See example below and a "Soldes" photo in the "What if I need mass production ?".

Découpe fond plein pour votre enseigne LED

Shape cutting : The Plexiglas support is cut to fit the contours of your text and/or visual, as shown below. You'll also find a photo example of the "Alinéa" design on a black background in the "Can an LED sign contain visuals or drawings ?".

Découpe à la forme pour votre enseigne LED

Cut to the letter : The purest format for an LED sign. The bracket is cut to match the details of your illuminated sign. Shown in gray below. A photo example with the "# Girls Can" sign in the "Is there a maximum size per sign ?".

Découpe à la lettre pour votre enseigne LED

Whatever the format, there will be holes for you to fix or hang your sign. The most rigid and sturdy format is the "full bottom" cut-out. The more material there is, the stronger it is. The most airy format is the "letter" cut, and the most fashionable is the "shape" cut. The difference is most noticeable with tinted backgrounds. On transparent Plexiglas, the results are all very aerial, with the neon LED looking like it's floating in mid-air. Well, I guess we're not much help here :-)

What colors are available ?

You can choose from a wide range of colors. In addition to colors, you can choose to have your neon LED mass-tinted, or not. What does this mean? It means that when the neon is switched off, it is the same color as when it is switched on. This is because the plastic casing is tinted in the mass. If you want a mass-tinted red sign, as in the example below, you'll have a neon LED that's red when it's off, but also red when it's on.

Enseigne LED teintée dans la masseEnseigne LED rouge éteinte et rouge allumée

But you can also decide to have a green neon LED on and a white one off, like the sign below. It's all purely a question of how you want your sign project to look.

Enseigne néon LED blanche éteinteEnseigne lumineuse verte allumée

Here is the list of colors available:

You have a wide choice of colors, both when the sign is on and when it's off.

  • 1- Red on/Red off
  • 2- Green on/Green off
  • 3- Pink on/Pink off
  • 4- Yellow on/Yellow off
  • 5- Light pink on/Light pink off
  • 6- Orange on/Orange off
  • 7- Violet on/Violet off
  • 8- Violet on/white off
  • 9- Salmon on/White off
  • 10- Green on/white off
  • 11- Warm white on/White off
  • 12- Light blue on/White off
  • 13- Neutral white on/off
  • 14- Gold on/white off
  • 15- Gold on/Gold off
  • 16- Sky blue on/Sky blue off
  • 17- Blue on/Blue off
  • 18- Cool white on/White off

Below is the color chart for neon off and neon on:

Quelles sont les différentes couleurs pour mon enseigne LED ?Nuancier des couleurs du néon LED allumé

Can I mix colors ?

It's perfectly possible to mix colors on a single sign. Just let us know in your quote request. You can mix both lit colors and neon colors when they're off. There's no limit to what you can achieve in this area. It's perfectly possible to play with shapes as well as colors. Here's an example.

Est-ce que je peux mixer les couleurs pour mon enseigne LED ?Enseigne LED multicouleur allumée

Can I install my sign outside ?

The vast majority of signs are designed for indoor use (home, business, events...), but it's also possible to produce LED signs for outdoor use. Just let us know when you request a quotation (tick box). The manufacturing process is slightly different from that for indoor signs. Special care must be taken to seal the ends of the neon LED. But YES, a sign can be installed outdoors.

How do I fix my LED sign ?

It's very simple: you can either mount your sign on a wall or suspend it. In both cases, mounting hardware is supplied. If you choose the wall-mounted option, you'll receive aluminum spacers that you simply screw into your wall. If you choose the suspension option, you'll receive steel cables that you simply screw into your support (ceiling, joist...). There's no complexity involved - it's exactly as if you were fixing a picture. The LED neon is lightweight, and so is the support. As the electrical cable is transparent, it's easy to conceal until you connect it to the transformer. Once again, there's no need to do a thing - it's all Plug & Play. Quick and easy !

What do I get with my LED sign ?

You'll receive your sign perfectly packaged and protected. The sign is wrapped in plastic film, and the cardboard is specifically designed for transporting this type of product. No risk of breakage. Or the carrier may have jumped in with both feet, but that's unlikely (although :-). In short, here's what you'll receive:

  • Your sign, of course
  • A suitable 220/12V power supply
  • A pair of gloves to avoid fingerprints during handling
  • A suitable cloth
  • Spacers or steel cables depending on the fastening method chosen
  • A remote control dimmer if you have chosen this option

Contenu du colis de votre enseigne LED

Can I dim or change the color of my LED sign ?

Yes, and very easily too. Simply insert a variator or a lED controller between your sign and the power supply. The model supplied has a radio-frequency remote control with a range of 30m. The big advantage is that the signal passes through walls, so there's no need to aim. Optional for single-color signs. For color-changing RGB or PIXEL signs, the controller is supplied as standard.

Variateur Dimmer pour votre enseigne LED

What information do you need to carry out a costing ?

We've set up a very simple input form so that you'll have all the information you need to make your quotation quickly. Here's a summary of the information we'll need:

  • Sign text
  • Typeface to be used
  • And/or visual of the sign (as a downloadable image)
  • Number of signs
  • Length in cm
  • Width in cm
  • Support color
  • Bracket cross-section
  • Neon color
  • With or without dimmer & remote control
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Wall or suspension mounting
  • Your contact details

They're just boxes to tick or text to enter. It's very quick and means we can get back to you very quickly, so don't hesitate.

In conclusion

You now have everything you need to create the sign of your dreams, or the one that will be most effective for your business or event. If you have any questions, the LumiPop will be happy to advise you. Now it's up to you to get those neurons firing :-) And just for fun, a short video example from our friend Quentin.

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