Want to create a star wall or a glittering sign and animated without no electricity required ?And easy to install, whether indoors or out ?

The Sequin glitter tile, the decorative and communicative product you didn't expect !

Our Sequin slab will enable you to achieve this feat. Whether as a staff or professional, it will adapt to all your projects. Very easy to install, , Economic, it will enhance your interior, your store, your signage and all your communications. In perpetual motion thanks to the movement of ambient or outside air, glitter reflects light in an incredible hypnotic movement. Whaouuu effect guaranteed :)



Mur de star réalisé avec des dalles avec Sequins en or

A Star wall made with gold Sequins tiles in 30x30cm format


Vitrine de magasin réalisée avec des dalles paillettes roses

A store window sublimated with pink glitter tiles


Un tableau de David Bowie réalisé avec des dalles en Sequin

A David Bowie dot-by-dot painting with Sequins


Un panneau publicitaire H&M réalisé avec des dalles à paillettes

An H&M billboard with gold sequin tiles



This video shows an example of a Sequin painting printed with air displacement. The whole picture comes to life.

What is a Sequin glitter tile and how does it work ?

The Sequin slab is a revolutionary product in terms of the decoration and visual communication. It is equally at home in interior that exterior by simple gluing, screwing or hanging. Requiring no power supply, it can be installed in both dry and damp environments. Each slab is fitted with sequins (also known as Sequins) having received a special treatment to maximise light reflection.


Dalle EcoSign sequin carré argent Dalle à paillette or diamant


One 30x30cm silver sequin tile with square sequin and one 35x35cm gold tile with diamond sequin


Each sequin is free-mounted, which means it's held in place but not fixed/locked to its support. It will therefore react to the slightest movement of air, whether indoors or outdoors, and will reflect light by creating a flicker effect hypnotic and captivating. It's impossible not to spot a Sequin slab right away.



Here's the glittering effect of a 15x15cm Sequin slab

What are the applications for this glittering tile ?

Our Sequin tile can be installed indoors or outdoors. And since it doesn't require no electrical connection, it's easy to use in a wide variety of fields. Even in wetland. For example :

  • Signage exterior and interior
  • Paneldisplay and advertising
  • Theme park and amusement park
  • Lounge and exhibition
  • Show
  • Decoration of wedding
  • Store and store decoration showcase
  • Background design for photography
  • Set design and decoration
  • Front building
  • Interior design

Of course, this is not limited to these areas. Its ease of use to meet the needs of virtually any decorative project.


Mur à paillettes multicolore

A multicolored shopping aisle made with sequins


Fond d'enseigne extérieur réalisé en dalle EcoSign

Exterior sign backdrop with Sequins slabs


Un mur rose avec motif réalisé avec des sequins roses et noirs

A patterned wall with pink and black sequins


Un fond de vitrine de magasin en dalle sequin

A window backdrop made with square sequins



Here are a few video examples of the incredible effects achieved with our glittering glitter tiles.
Movements are produced solely by air displacement.

What are the dimensions of Sequins glitter tiles ?

Square in shape and 2cm thick, they are available in 3 dimensions. The smaller the slab, the smaller the sequin. Here are the 3 existing versions with sequin size and number supported.

  • 15x15cm - 1cm diameter sequin - 225 sequins per tile
  • 30x30cm - 2.9cm diameter sequin - 100 sequins per tile
  • 35x35cm - 4cm diameter sequin - 64 sequins per tile

Each format has its own use. The more glitter, the smaller the glitter and the more precise the details of a pattern. It's a bit like the number of pixels in an image. The more the better for image quality.

As you may have guessed, the 15x15cm version is best used for the pattern creation or logo which requires greater precision.

The most common version is the 30x30cm slab. It's the one that lets you choose a maximum number of colors and shades. It's the ideal model for creating walls and backgrounds ofsign quickly and cost-effectively.

The 35x35cm model is not, strictly speaking, a slab. It is a transparent mesh and perforated, allowing tiles to be clipped directly together. The fixing pins are molded directly onto the lattice. In addition to this technical advantage, it is also extremely lightweight. This allows, for example, very rapid assembly of glittering wall to hang.

You're bound to find a tile in our range to suit your needs. Whether you want to create a glitter wall without having to use glitter paint, or to create a glitter wall without having to use glitter paint animated sign, a stage structure brilliant, a stand wall...


Différentes tailes de dalles à sequins

Two tile formats in this photo. On the left is the 35x35cm format, in the center and on the right the 30x30cm format

Are there different shapes of Sequin or Paillette ?

And the answer is yes. There's the traditional round sequin, but that's not all. Other shapes are available, depending on the size of the panel chosen. This opens up an even wider range of visual effects.

  • Sequin round (all panels)
  • Sequin square (30x30cm and 35x35cm panels only)
  • Sequin hexagon (30x30cm and 35x35cm panels only)
  • Sequin diamond (30x30cm and 35x35cm panels only)

The diamond shape is an added bonus, as it is not only "flat" but also 3D. This gives different visual and glittering effects. It's a plus for certain communications and decorations.

Les différentes formes de paillettes et sequins

The different basic sequin shapes for Sequins slabs. Diamond, round, hexagon and square

Are there different colors for the Sequin glitter tile ?

A wide range of colors is available. Below is a color chart for the 30x30cm slab. This is the most widely used model, and has the largest number of basic colors available. Of course, anything is possible. It just depends on the quantity. And beyond colors, there are also differences in rendering.

  • Flat - These are direct colors
  • Mirror - Light is perfectly reflected
  • Iridescent - A filter modifies the basic hue according to orientation
  • Pailleté - Glitter is inserted inside the color

Couleurs d'intérieur pour l'EcoSign

Color chart n°1 for indoor use of 30x30cm slabs


Nuancier intérieur dalle à paillettes

Color chart n°2 for indoor use of 30x30cm slabs


Nuancier couleur extérieur dalle sequins

Color chart for outdoor use of 30x30cm slabs


What are the different substrates for these animated glitter tiles ?

To adapt perfectly to your projects, there are different types of backing for sequin tiles. The support classic and the support mesh. The classic solid-bottom support is available in 3 versions: white, black and transparent. The image below shows, from left to right, a 30x30cm tile with a white background, a 30x30cm tile with a black background and a 35x35cm tile with a transparent mesh background.


Les différents supports pour les dalles à paillettes

Depending on your project and, above all, the support you want to use, you can choose one or other of these supports. If your wall is white, a white support will certainly be more appropriate. Above, the same tiles from the front.

Les dalles sequins de face avec les différents supports

As mentioned above, the most widely used tile is the 30x30cm format. It has the most options as standard. To sum up the possibilities:

  • Tile 15x15cm - Black background only
  • 30x30cm tile - Black, white or transparent background
  • Slab 35x35cm - Transparent mesh background only

Dalle sequin brillante avec fond transparent

Above a 30x30cm slab on a transparent background


Black shimmer wall

A 35x35cm slab with transparent lattice background and black sequins


Sequin wall for Sephora

Here silver sequins on a solid black background 30x30cm

Can Sequins glitter tiles be customized ?

And the answer is yes :) Our tiles are perfectly adaptable to your design.

There are several types of customization:

  • Mix of different sequins on the same slab
  • Pattern creation point by point
  • Print an image, logo or visual in high definition

Sequin mix:

It is possible to mix different colors of sequins on the same tile. This can create new effects and correspond to a graphic desire on your part. Simply define the location of each color and you're done.

Mix des couleurs des paillettes sur une même dalle EcoSign

Creating a stitch-by-stitch pattern :

We're not talking about an image with tints and shades on the same sequin, we're talking about visual composition or an image using sequins in different colors. You need to define a point-by-point pattern and its dimensions in order to reproduce it as faithfully as possible. Here's an example

Motif original pour la création d'une tableau à paillette

Here's the original design


Tableau avec motif créé en sequin

Here is the final stitch-by-stitch pattern


Mur à paillette aigle. Glitter wall

Another pattern created with our Sequins glitter tiles


Printing an image or logo :

In this case, we absolutely need a high-resolution file. This will be printed directly onto square sequins. This printing process can only be used on this shape. The result is a stunning made totally innovative. The slightest displacement of air will cause the sequins to move, reflecting the light. You get the impression that the image is alive.


Impression d'une image sur nos dalles à sequins EcoSign

How do you lay and install Sequin tiles ?

Our Sequins slabs are very easy to lay quick and easy. You can either paste tiles on any substrate using the right adhesive or silicone, or screw using the right screws and plugs to suit your substrate, or the hang with each other using our suspension clips. In a nutshell:

  • Gluing the tiles in place
  • Fasten slabs with screws
  • Suspend tiles from one another

Gluing Sequins tiles :

As the tile support is made of plastic, all you need to do is find a suitable silicone or a suitable adhesive. The tiles are very light and therefore easy to glue in place. You are free to arrange them as you wish. Spaced apart, diagonally... anything's possible.

Screw in Sequins tiles:

All solid-bottom tiles are pre-drilled all around. All you have to do is choose the right ankle or the right screws depending on your media (wood, plasterboard, concrete...). As the tiles are very light, you can use very small screws to hold them in place. Installation is really quick and easy. Below are two videos of the creation of our star wall. You'll see how quick it is to lay the tiles.



Hanging Sequins tiles:

Sequins tiles are perfect for hanging to create a wall or ceilingshiny, sparkling water. If you use the tiles 35x35cm all you have to do is clip on directly with each other. The transparent mesh support is already fitted with fixing pins.

For solid-bottom slabs, there are suspension clips to be plugged directly into the pre-existing holes in the Sequin tile. It's a bit like stapling the edges of paper or fabric. No tools required and it's very quick. Here's a video of a glittering printed wall hanging.

Is Sequin waterproof and can it be installed outdoors ?

And the answer is yes :) Our Sequin slabs, whatever the model, are Waterproof. There are no electrical or electronic products used in the design. You can use it perfectly wetland. This is a very important advantage when designing a decoration or a sign.

Another advantage is that it can also be used outdoors. It is possible for us to apply a uV protection on the sequins to make them water-resistant sun. Please specify this option when placing your order.

What are the prices of our sparkling Sequins tiles ?

If you have a specific project and would like a quick quote, simply click on the button below and fill in our online form. Our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible :-)