Sale of neon signs with custom effects and animations
  • Sale of neon signs with custom effects and animations
  • Sale of neon signs with custom effects and animations
  • Sale of neon signs with custom effects and animations
  • Sale of neon signs with custom effects and animations
  • Sale of neon signs with custom effects and animations
  • Sale of neon signs with custom effects and animations
  • Sale of neon signs with custom effects and animations
  • Sale of neon signs with custom effects and animations

Customized neon PIXEL sign LOGO

Enhance your brand with our neon LOGO pixel signs, featuring colorful animations for dynamic, captivating signage!


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PIXEL customized neon sign LOGO: Your logo in light and animated!

Reveal your style and personality with our customizable PIXEL neon LED logo sign. Made from digital flexible neon LED mounted on a Plexiglas background, this sign offers a bright, modern atmosphere while being energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. It's not just a sign, but a statement of who you are.

📌 What is the digital PIXEL?

It's very simple, unlike a classic LED sign which is monochrome or single-color, this one uses color-changing digital neon. The most advanced version of neon. Each LED is capable of a unique hue, different from its neighbor. When switched off, it's white. But once it's switched on, you can use the remote control supplied to launch incredible animations with chasing, fading, back-and-forth effects ... What's more, it's equipped with a sound sensor that reacts to the rhythm of your music. Watch the video below to find out all about it.

For each PIXEL sign, you'll get a controller with remote control that lets you :

  • Launch incredible animations (each LED is independent, enabling the chaser effect)
  • Activate a sound sensor for light-filled evenings
  • Change color
  • Manage brightness
  • Launch animations
  • Switch on and off

🔯 A 100% customized sign

With us, every digital neon sign is a unique work of art, designed by you and for you. Possible customizations :

  • Dimensions
  • Plexiglas color: transparent, black, white or mirror
  • Type of Plexiglas cut: Solid background, shaped or lettered
  • Type of installation: Wall-mounted, suspended or free-standing
  • Place of installation: Indoor or outdoor

🖨 Is lighting and printing on Plexiglas possible?

Does your logo include graphic elements that don't need to be highlighted? It's perfectly possible to print them in monochrome or color directly onto Plexiglas. It's also a great way to enhance the visual impact of your LED sign. When requesting a quote, simply specify this in the comments.

Enseigne néon LED avec impression UV sur PlexiglasEnseigne néon mix entre lumière LED et impression UV

🎨 How about a double-sided sign?

Yes, it's perfectly possible to create a double-sided sign. Imagine hanging your sign so that it's visible from 360 degrees. It would be a shame if it only lit up on one side. Well, we've got the solution. On a single sheet of Plexiglas, you can attach neon LEDs on either side for maximum visibility and unparalleled design. Just let us know when you request a quote.

🙋 Who is this sign for?

Our customizable digital LED neon sign isn't just for one type of person or event. It's aimed at a wide range of users, whether they're private individuals looking to brighten up their living space, retailers wanting to stand out, or event professionals looking to create an unforgettable lighting ambience. Here's a non-exhaustive list of those to whom our brand might be of interest:

  • Individuals : Ideal for illuminating and decorating a room in your home, or for creating a reassuring, designer children's lamp.
  • Brides: Perfect for adding a luminous touch to your wedding and decorating the reception hall in an original way.
  • Retailers : Use our sign to highlight your store window or certain areas of your store.
  • Bars, clubs and discos : Decorate and illuminate your space with a creative, personalized sign.
  • Event organizers: Whether for a concert, a trade fair, a trade show or a TV set, our signage can add a spectacular dimension to your event.
  • Companies : Illuminate your logo. Highlight a product on the shelf or dress up a display with a unique neon sign.
  • Gifts : Offer a bright, personalized gift that will be appreciated by all.

Whatever your need or project, our customizable neon LED sign can add a touch of light and personality.

👉 The benefits of our sign

The PIXEL neon logo sign offers many advantages that make it an attractive lighting and signage option:

  • 100% customizable
  • Modern design
  • Economical and environmentally friendly
  • Long-lasting and resistant

🔆 Sublimate your sign with sequin tiles

Giveyour sign an extra touch of glamour with our sequined tiles. They can be installed behind or next to the sign to give it a strong, designer decorative touch. With their varied colors and shapes, they sparkle and reflect light, bringing an incredible effect without the need for electricity.

Enseigne néon avec en fond des dalles sequins scintillantes rosesEnseigne néon ailes d'ange avec fond en dalles sequins couleur or

🛒 How to order

Ordering your customizable neon logo sign is child's play. Click on the "Request a quote" button. Simply fill in our online form, choosing the options that suit you best. It's quick and easy. Once you've submitted your quote request, our team will get back to you within 24 hours with a simulation and a price.

📦 Delivery

After validation of the visual and payment, the manufacture of your neon sign will begin. Each neon sign is unique and made specifically for you. It will be delivered to you within 15 days. We guarantee fast, secure delivery so you can enjoy your neon sign without delay.

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