✅ Take a look at the different renderings of our custom neon signs on video! This will help you choose the right model for your personal or professional needs.

Customized single-color neon sign:

This sign is made from single-color LED neon, which can be white or mass-tinted when switched off. You can mix different neon colors perfectly.

Customized multicolor RGB neon sign:

As the name suggests, this allows you to change the color of your sign at your fingertips, using a remote control. But that's not all: you can also change the brightness, launch programmed animations and turn it off.

Personalized digital PIXEL neon sign:

This is the ultimate in personalization. Beyond the fact that it can change color like the RGB sign, it also lets you launch incredible animations. Each LED can play a different color from its neighbor.

Customized IRISEE neon sign:

Iridescent signs combine two visual effects. The first is an infinity effect, while the second changes colors according to the angle of vision.

Customized neon BOX sign:

Sexy and attractive, this sign is encapsulated in a transparent Plexiglas box. You can choose a single-color, multicolor RGB or PIXEL version. Easy to attach and transport.

Personalized RELIEF neon sign:

A 3D-effect version of the classic sign. The neon is fixed (according to your design) on different Plexiglas plates. These are placed one on top of the other, with a space between them, to create an effect of depth. You can choose from a single-color, multicolor RGB or PIXEL version.

And for an even more incredible, electricity-free design: our sequin tiles!

Easy to install, with different glitter shapes and colors, our sequin tiles are perfect for adding a wow effect to your neon sign. With no electricity required, just air movement, they'll move and reflect light. To discover our tiles click here!